Floofi Cat Hammock (No Cushion)

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Cat Hammock (No Cushion)


The Best Cat Macrame Hammock.

Your cat has the habit of getting fascinated by every new thing that you buy.

Whether it’s a cool furniture or a crazy toy, there’s always something for them to explore.

Some owners go an extra mile and spoil their kitty with numerous cat toys for them to wander across their house.

One such special piece of furniture, built just for your cat to hang out in the house, is a macrame cat hammock !

Your cat may take some time to master the art of swinging on it, but after several creative attempts, they will neatly catch up.

*Important Notes: Cushion and any installation hooks is not included


  • Sturdy
    Braided and hand-woven cotton rope tied on a piece of solid wood. This ensures the stability and safety of the pet while it rests peacefully on the hammock without worrying about it falling.

  • Save Space
    Suitable for pet owners who have limited space at home as you can mount it into the ceiling, wall, or just hang it on a rack. No need to move around furniture to make room for it.

  • Easy to Assemble
    Either install an eye hook on the ceiling or stick an adhesive hook to hang it up. No difficult installation instructions, let your pet enjoy the hammock as soon as possible.

  • Multipurpose
    Perfect for small pets such as cats, squirrels, birds to climb around, play, or take a nap. Have your pet of any species enjoy the hammock in any way they want.

  • Versatile Design
    Whether it's indoor or outdoor, with its seamless bohemian style decor. It can perfectly fit into most room designs without any issue.


  • Dimensions : Size: 40 x 160cm
  • Weight : 0.7 KG
  • Materials :  Cotton
  • Color: Natural wood


  • Weight: 0.7 KG
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 19 x 18 x 12cm
  • Content: 1 x Cat Hammock (No Cushion)





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