Floofi Pet Bed Cat 2 in 1 With Turntable Toy (Grey)

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This 2 in 1 cat bed comes with a turntable at the bottom, suitable for a playful kitty and a minimalist owner. Beautifully semi circle designed and easy installation are a seamless addition décor and aesthetically pleasing to match your interior! Soft short plush on the inside and is removable for easy cleaning.



  • Create A Cozy Den For Your Pet: Ultra-soft synthetic pet bed provides additional comfort to your Pet's crate further enticing them to love using their crate.

  • Sleep Surface: Silken faux fur tops the sleep surface and wraps around the L-shaped bolsters, with quilted seams adding a bit of extra cushion for improved comfort. The material is gentle on noses and paws for optimal snuggles.

  • Perfect For Cuddling: There's plenty of space to snooze away in a variety of positions, bolsters provide great high-loft comfort as well as the perfect burrowing nook.

  • Easy Maintenance Pet Bed: Machine washable & dryer friendly pet bed.

  • Easy On Joints: The solid orthopedic foam base is dense and thick, providing insulation and maximum high-loft comfort for breeds of all sizes. The dual bolsters provide great orthopedic support for the neck, hips, and back.


  • Material: Wool ABS

  • Dimensions: 48*39*26cm

  • Type: Pet Bed Turntable Toy

  • Appliance: Cats





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