Floofi Cat Tree Large Grey

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Cat Tree Scratching Post Grey House Condo Furniture Bed House Multi Level 185cm



This amazing cat tower is extra soft and cozy, perfect for climbing on, and having a play, or simply having a few naps throughout the day. Not only do they get to adventure to the heights of nearly the ceiling (1.85m), but they can also play with one of the three elastic hanging toys. With the scratching material covering each pole, your kitten will love to happily scratch and climb all over (saving your furniture from damage). Having pets ourselves, we understand the need for products to withstand not only the test of time, but also stand the test of being bitten, scratched and slashed at on the occasion. We'd love you to shop with us again, so we have strict quality control measures in place to make sure the products we sell are the best they can be at the most affordable prices!


  • The perfect play house with 10 different spots where you kitten would happily sit, lay or play

  • The tower has 2 elastic hanging toys for your kitten to play with while enjoying the space

  • With scratching material lining all the poles your kittens will have all the scratch posts needed (you can finally stop worrying about them destroying all your nice furniture)

  • At a total height of 1.85m your kitten will love being able to venture high above the ground and sleep on the top platforms (who knows why they love high places, they just do)


  • Dimensions (cm): 60x50x185cm
  • Weight (kg): 25.5kg
  • Colour/Finish: Grey
  • Materials: Sisal, short plush, rattan mat


  • Weight: 26kg
  • Dimensions: 66.5x50x39cm
  • Units Per Pack: 1
  • Contents: 1X Large Cat Tree (Grey)




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