HIMO Raincoat Size L

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HIMO Full Body Cover Raincoat - Black


  • Going out on a rainy day is as exciting as riding
    We have never worried about rainy days, but hope that we will have the same wonderful life on rainy days. With the HIMO portable storage riding poncho, you can go out on rainy days and riding is just as exciting.
  • Comes with a brim design to effectively block the rain and not wet hair
    The head of the poncho comes with a brim design, which extends the head covering area and effectively blocks rain and does not wet hair.
  • Transparent design
    The front swing without blocking the dial in the rain
    The front swing adopts a transparent design, and you can clearly see the display of the dashboard even in the rain, and monitor the riding dynamics in real-time to ensure riding safety.
  • Portable self-contained bags refuse to be lost
    The back of the poncho comes with a zipper bag, which can be easily folded into a zipper bag when the poncho is not in use, integrated self-storage, refuses to lose the bag, and is inconvenient to carry.
  • High-density, hydrophobic, ventilated and ventilated to reject humidity
    HIMO cycling rain poncho is made of polyester silk anti-PU coating material, high-density hydrophobic, ventilated and breathable, riding more comfortable.
  • High-brightness reflective strips are safer to ride at night
    The back has a bright reflective strip design to ensure the safety of night riding.


  • Name: HIMO Raincoat
  • Material: 210t polyester, Anti PU coating
  • Size: L
    • 190cm front width
    • 119cm middle front length
    • 90cm middle back length




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