GOMINIMO Bamboo Plant Stand 3 Tier Dark Brown

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  • 3 Tier
    The Bamboo Plant Stand 3 Tier has 3 shelves for displaying plants and a top bamboo rack for hanging plants, making it a stylish and efficient solution for plant enthusiasts.
  • Sturdy Bamboo Construction
    sturdy and durable bamboo, providing peace of mind that your plants will be safe and secure. Bamboo is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Eco-friendly finish
    The Bamboo Plant Stand 3 Tier has an eco-friendly finish, showing the manufacturer's commitment to sustainability and making it a safe and responsible choice for homes with children or pets.
  • Easy to assemble
    Easy to assemble, allowing you to quickly display your plants without struggling with complicated instructions.
  • Sturdy design
    Keeps plants safe and secure, providing long-lasting stability.


  • Product Dimension: 100*40*145cm
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Feature: 3 Tiers

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Weight 5.00 kg
Dimensions 100.00 × 38.00 × 3.90 cm