GOMINIMO Sunset Projection Lamp (Sunset Red)

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Sunset Red LED Bedroom Projector Night Light Romantic Bedside Atmosphere Lamp Rainbow


  • Anti-Glare LED lights
    Smoothing, natural, non-flickering light. Through having focused light directed forward and down from the centerline, it's capable to create a warm atmosphere.
  • Adjustable Lamp Head
    Able to produce lights from various angles, thus enable creative combination and effects. The buckle was made of aluminium which boasts a sturdy structure.
  • Durable (Aluminum and metal made)
    Made with high-quality aluminium and metal. Expect a great performance thanks to the stable base and mast which are designed to be sturdy.
  • USB powered, easy plug and play
    The Sunset Projection Lamp works right out of the box: just plug the USB cable into your USB port and you’re good to go – no battery is required.
  • Low Energy consumption (5W, 5V)
    Promising and consistent performance at a lower cost, all thanks to low energy consumption.
  • Unique visual experience
    With different light options to set the mood of the room, perfect for parties, gatherings and stylish photos.


  • Product Dimensions (cm): 25.6 X 15 X 18cm
  • Product Weight: 0.5kg
  • Colour/ Finish: Lamp: Black - Sunset Red
  • Product Spec: 1.2m Cable length, Acryllic lens, Aluminium, PC and Metal
  • Materials: Aluminum, Metal, PC

Package Details

  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Dimensions (cm): 26.5 x 15 x 18cm
  • Volume: 0.0072m³
  • Contents: 1 X Lamp




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