Laxihub Solar Panel for Battery Camera SP1

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Laxihub Solar Panel for Battery Camera SP1


Efficient Transformation
This Solar panel power supply can faster transfer sun energy to electricity up to 20% efficiency, which help your battery powered security camera run for days and nights, no need to change batteries frequently. 

360º Adjustable Bracket 
360º Adjustable mounting bracket and 3m long power cable make installation easy anywhere and ensure maximum sunlight exposure.
Easy Installation make you no worry about limit of setup distance.

IP65 Waterproof 
This Solar power is equipped wth highest efficiency monocrystalline material and certified with IP65 waterproof, which make it wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and more durable than others, No worries about placing it outside in all seasons, even if extreme environments like rain, sleet or heavy wind.


  • Laxihub Solar Panel for Battery Camera
  • Absorb sunlight for non-stop power supply for your camera
  • Weather-proof design, good for all seasons


  • Solar Panel x 1
  • Charging Cable x 1
  • Adjustable wall mount x 1
  • Screws x 3




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