Floofi 86cm Butterfly Plush Scratching Post Cat Tree Pink Purple

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Floofi 86cm Butterfly Plush Scratching Post Cat Tree Pink Purple

  • Amazing Quality: Made from high-quality particle board and natural sisal. The entire structure is covered with plush material
  • Reliable: It is made of highly durable particle board with plush covering. Built with the quality so fine it can easily withstand your cat's abrupt movements.
  • Practical: Easily hang in their favourite toys for around the post. The entire structure is threaded with natural sisal for your cat to scratch without worry. Sisal provides greater durability, helps their paws stay neat and tidy
  • Fun Time: Cats love climbing, jumping around with burst of excitement! With its specially structured multi-layers, this cat tree does not limit their happiness
  • Cat Friendly: Let your cat crave its natural instincts such as practicing hunting, enhancing its reflex, or scratching to mark its territory. Your cat must nurture its inner capabilities to tackle the real-life situation when they go around exploring

  • Frame material: Particle Board
  • Cover material: faux fur
  • Post material: Sisal rope
  • Product Weight: 4.6KG
  • Overall dimensions: 40 x 40 x 86cm

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Weight 4.60 kg
Dimensions 41.00 × 15.00 × 41.00 cm