GOMINIMO Memory Foam Foot Rest Navy Blue

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  • Support for Legs:
    Hasht footrest will help reduce pain in feet by easing pressure on your lower back and hips; It also ensure proper foot placement while sitting on chair, which will help improve blood circulation to the legs rests them and ease pain over time.
  • Ergonomic Teardrop Design for Improved Posture:
    Designed to fit anywhere you need foot support specially for small leg people using stool, couch, rocking chair, car seat, living room, lawn, air plane, computer chair, gaming chair, outdoor chairs, footstool etc.
  • Premium Quality Foam:
    Hasht footrests are made from the high-quality foam; Our footrest materials are more comfortable and supportive than those made from plastic or cheap foam and will provide natural support to your legs and feet for years to come.
  • Multi-Purpose:
    Hasht footrests are the accessories that can be used for more than just elevating your feet; You can also use it underneath your knees instead of pillows for comfort while laying down or flip it over and use it as a rocker for underneath your chair.
  • Machine Washable:
    Our foot rest pillow cover can be disassembled and cleaned separately (do not clean with memory foam).
  • Outer Material: Plush
  • Inner Material: Memory Foam
  • Product Dimension: 44 x 25 x 12.5 cm
  • Product Weight: 0.5kg
  • Package Content: Foot Rest Cushion




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