GOMINIMO Vacuum Storage bag Pack of 12 (3x Jumbo, 3x Large, 3x Medium, 3x Small)

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Compression Bag
Gominimo offers great quality and reusable vacuum storage bags. We provide different sizes (eg. medium, large and jumbo) and quantities (eg. 6, 8, and 12) to choose from.

Amazing Airtight Protection
With a double zipper lock design, our vacuum storage bag will ensure perfect vacuum-packing for your items to protect it from dirt, dust, bugs, odors, mildew and moisture.

Durable and Reusable
The storage bag is made from strong and thick PVC material which helps prevent any damage to your storage.

Increase Storage Space
Gominimo vacuum storage bag is ideal for increasing your storage space (eg. Wardrobe, luggage, closets, garage basements and backpacks) by reducing the volume by up to 80% while providing an organized and tidy look.

Portable and Reliable
Get more space in your luggage with our vacuum storage bag whether you are traveling or moving. We also provide a free mini hand pump for your convenience.

  • Material: PVC
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Dimension: 3pcs Jumbo 100*80cm (1pcs can fit: 3-4pillow/ 1-2Thick Quilt / 35-40 sweaters)
  • Dimension: 3pcs Large 60*80cm (1pcs can fit: 1 pillow / 10-12 sweaters)
  • Dimension: 3pcs Medium 70*50cm (1pcs can fit: 8-10 sweaters)
  • Dimension: 3pcs Small 60*40cm (1pcs can fit: 6-8 sweaters)
  • Quantity: 12
  • Shape: Rectangle




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