KILIROO BBQ Grill Gloves 35cm With Non-Slip Silicone, and Long Arm Protection

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KILIROO BBQ Grill Gloves 35cm With Non-Slip Silicone

  • Breathability and Stretchability
    Our BBQ Grill Gloves are constructed to allow for airflow and a wide range of motion, making them ideal for use when grilling food.
  • Two-sides design with Non-slip silicone
    Providing you with a secure grip on hot surfaces from any angle for maximum safety while grilling.
  • Heat Resistance Up to 800℃ /1472℉
    Providing superior heat resistance and protection for your hands while handling hot items on the grill. With this high level of heat resistance, you can confidently handle even the hottest grilling surfaces without fear of burning or injury.
  • Easy to Wear & Storage
    With a flexible and comfortable fit that allows for maximum dexterity while grilling. Our gloves are easy to store thanks to their compact and lightweight design, making them a convenient addition to your grilling toolkit.
  • Prevent Heat Burns
    A high level of heat resistance that allows you to handle hot items on the grill safely.The non-slip silicone and two-sided design of our gloves also provide a secure grip on hot surfaces, further reducing the risk of burns and ensuring your safety while grilling.
  • Long Arm Protection
    Extends past the wrist, providing additional coverage and protection from heat and flames while grilling. With this extra coverage, you can confidently reach into the hottest areas of your grill without fear of burns or injury, making our gloves an essential addition to any grilling toolkit.


  • Size: 35*18*3cm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Double-Sided Silicon and Cotton
  • Net weight: about 260g a pair
  • Heat resistance: 800 degrees
  • Gross weight: 0.28kg
  • Package size: 36*19*3cm




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